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iBizLeverage Web Services is an SEO company based in Cebu Philippines. The SEO company provides complete SEO services to businesses worldwide including Cyprus, USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and many more. The SEO company is a team of SEO experts and SEO specialists who have been providing SEO services since 2009.

iBizLeverage has been helping a lot of businesses rank their websites on page 1 in Google, increase traffic, get more leads and convert into sales.

SEO Experts / SEO Specialists

We are a team of SEO Experts composed of SEO specialists and SEO consultants that have proven to give clients the best SEO results at reasonable price.

We only do white SEO and practices that are aligned with Google Webmaster’s Guidelines and the latest Google algorithm updates. We want to make sure that we maintain our reputation as a trustworthy SEO Company that takes care of your website and business as our own. We make sure that your investment will give you long term returns.

We have extensive experience in optimizing websites from different industries and niche including visa licensing, construction, health and beauty, hotels, resorts, scuba diving company, restaurants, international animal transport, plumbing, electrical, podiatry, interior design, lifting and rigging, termite treatment, events management, tax preparation, hairdressing, automotive parts, and many more.

In case you want an overview of how we do SEO, here it is.

First we ask you to provide us with keywords or search terms that your target customers and clients are most likely to use to refer or find your business, products, or services. From the keywords or search terms you provide, we do keyword research for keyword variations that have good search volume and are very targeted to your products or services. We ask you to give us an overview of the products and services that you want us to focus, so we have a good idea of what keywords to use. We review your existing website content to understand your business even more. We then send you a list of of keywords from our research with the keywords we find as most relevant and with high potential to convert into sales or inquiries.  From the list, you choose what keywords you’d like us to target and prioritize based on the search volume and relevance. We also ask you to provide us your USP or unique selling point or unique value proposition so we can use them to encourage your visitors to choose your company among the many competitors in the same industry.

From the final list of keywords, we then check the current rankings as it is in the target country, state, or city. Based on the rankings and relevance of existing page, we then do an in-depth SEO website audit so we can create a plan how to optimize your webpages.

From the plan, we then implement onpage SEO.

Once we have completed most of the onpage SEO factors, we start building links from websites that we carefully researched, studied, and tested. We build links manually from sites that have high link influence and high domain and URL authority to make sure it can benefit your site’s ranking and online visibility.

We provide monthly analytics and rank reports so you can see the progress.

That’s just an overview of how we do search engine optimization. To know more about our SEO services, feel free to inquire by filling out the contact form below.

We’d be more than happy to answer your concerns.

We provide free website SEO audit!