Market What Is Unique from Your Business

Do you know what your unique selling point is?  Every businessman needs to capitalize on the unique selling point of the business (also known as unique selling proposition).  Unfortunately, not every businessman knows they have one. In fact, they do not even care to find it.

Knowing and capitalizing on your unique selling point (USP) can speed up the growth of your business manifold – simply because that is a unique offer only you can supposedly deliver. And if your business is offering different services and products, you can still find the USP for each service and product.

Your USP can set your business or product or service apart from the rests. Find it in your business. Capitalize on it.


The questions to ask when trying to find your USP can be the following:

  • What can you deliver so well that others have difficulty doing?
    • How comfortable are you with the idea? (Others may find it boring or difficult.)
  • Why YOU? Do you know why?
    • Why of all, You or your business
    • Why buy from your or your business?
    • Why hire you instead of them?
    • Why deal with you instead of the usual providers?
  • Who can most benefit from my business? (Target audience?)
    • Who are the people who can really benefit from your service or product?
    • How are they able to benefit from your business?
    •  What are their needs?

Your unique selling point does not have to be really unique. But how you present it, offer it, accomplish it, and deliver it – can make it unique.

We are offering a website package like many others are doing. There is nothing unique about that. But with the personalized service and the convenience we are providing to clients enhanced by our website marketing experience as conversion specialist – that sounds to be a very valuable proposition to take that is our unique selling point.

How we do it? Get us for a discussion.

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Works at iBizLeverage Web Services, Internet/website marketing company in Cebu Philippines, for SMBs (small- and medium-scale businesses).

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