Self-help for People Who Want to Start a Business

Starting a business requires leadership. And to be a good leader, first of all, you need to lead yourself.

Be your own boss┬ámeans you can do whatever you want (in the negative sense of the word). In the positive sense, it means you manage your time and efforts more effectively; it means discipline. It means the ability to lead yourself to your goal. It means you have personal power over yourself. ­čÖé

Below is a video about the 10 keys to Personal Power. I recommend that you watch the video to start your own personal leadership training, which is very important when starting a business.

In case you do not have time to watch the video. Here is the outline:

10 Cs to Personal Power

  1. Clarity
    • If you do not have clear specific goals in your life, you are doomed to work for people who do.
    • You got to have a dream if you want to make your dream come true.
    • Be clear with what you want? The best way to predict your future is to create it.
    • Be clear on the results you want. Focus on results; not activities.
    • List your goals.
    • Review your goals often.
    • Speak with clarity.
  2. Competence
    • Excellence in what you do.
    • The commitment to be excellent on what you do.
    • Be the best on what you do.
    • Commit yourself to excellence and the whole world opens up for you.
    • Do your best every time out and always strive to do it better.
    • Do not stay at a job which you do not love.
    • Excellence yields opportunities.
    • Hard work yields improvement.
    • The market pays for excellence.
  3. Concentration
    • Do not work on irrelevant things.
    • Work on the top items on your list.
    • Concentrate at one thing at a time.
    • What is the most valuable use of your time? Then concentrate on it.
    • It is the key to effectiveness.
    • It is to have that sense of urgency.
  4. Common Sense
      • Train your mind to have common sense.
      • Train your mind to think things through.
      • Action without thinking is the cause of every failure.
      • Listen to your intuition. It is one of the best guides that you would possibly have.
      • What is the most valuable lesson you can find in this situation?
      • “The unexamined life is not worth living,” by Socrates.
      • Learn from your setbacks.
  5. Creativity
    • Always look for faster and better ways of doing things.
    • All you have to do is find an idea that is 10 percent new.
    • Add grace and finesse to what others normally have and do.
    • Tap your creative potential.
    • Be flexible.
    • Ask questions.
    • Find new ideas.
  6. Consideration
    • Develop on how you can get along with anybody.
    • Communication is important.
    • Practice the golden rule: whatever you want others do unto you, do unto them.
    • If you are on sales, learn behavioral psychology.
    • Relationships determine success.
    • Learn people skills.
    • Learn to listen.
    • Most firings result from personality problems.
  7. Consistency
    • Dependable steady predictable work.
    • Be consistent with your family, friends, and work. Consistency in relationships.
    • Never compromise your peace of mind as it is compromising your integrity. Guard your integrity.
    • Consistency is being true to yourself. So know your passion.
    • Dependable work is superior.
    • Consistency in personal development.
  8. Commitment
    • Be totally committed to your work.
    • Be totally absorbed with your work.
    • Enjoy your work.
    • Lack of loyalty is also lack of commitment.
  9. Courage
    • Outstanding quality of all leaders.
    • Brave or courageous people are people who are not unafraid. They are people who master their fear.
    • Most fears disappear when you confront them.
    • If you are not trembling, then you are not trying hard enough. Be a little afraid.┬áBut the brave person always try to move forward no matter how short the distance.
    • To persist when things get rough.
    • Develop momentum with your courage.
    • Develop the quality of being unstoppable.
    • Confront your fears.
    • Dare to go forward.
    • Avoid ruts.
    • Fear of failure begets failure.
    • No security, just opportunity.
    • Persist despite adversity.
  10. Confidence
    • Self-doubt can paralyze.
    • The more you succeed the more pattern of success you can reinforce.
    • Self-confidence begets achievement.
    • Behave confidently.
    • Act as though it is impossible to fail.
    • Your true beliefs are expressed in your actions, and that is the true measure.

These keys to personal powers are related to habit patterns of your mind. Therefore, make them a habit to achieve success. The best way to start a business is to start becoming a good leader to yourself.

Learn more from this great guy: Brian Tracy.

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