8 Questions to Help Your Brand and Business

After reading 10 Tips To Help You Build A Successful Small Business Brand, we began to make a list of questions and take note of what have transpired in our thoughts. Hope this can be useful for our readers as well.

    1. Are we taking advantage of our unique selling point for the business?
    2. Do we have a community for our client base? Do we support them?
    3. Do we deliver excellent products and services to our clients? Do we settle for less? Do we deliver more than what they paid for? Do our products and services make our clients very happy?
    4. Is our brand backed up by a very good reputation? What are we doing to support it?
    5. How do we deliver our message to our client base? Is how we are saying as important as what we are saying?
    6. Is our business founded by a set of principles? Are we consistent with these principles?
    7. Do we keep our promises? Do we make them easy for the people to enjoy them?
    8. Are our clients and workers happy with us? Are they going out of their way to refer us?


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