Cheapest as a Unique Selling Point

Unique selling point is not about being the cheapest. Selling in a very cheap price can be a marketing tactic; yet it is not a unique selling point.

There are arenas where being the cheapest can work as a valuable tactic. And many times, it won’t for many products and services. Quality matters for the customers as long as the price is believed to be reasonable for the quality they can get. Furthermore, cheap products and services are perceived by the consumers as non-durable and less in quality. Here is a study on how consumers perceive what is of quality and what is of value by simply looking at the price. Though not necessarily true, it might be wise to avoid these situations where customers tend to doubt on your products and services simply because of your price.

What reputation do you want to implant in your products, services, and business to your client base? Cheap?

Of course not, therefore create and deliver high-quality products and services. Believe in them and give them a reasonable price.  Aside from a good profit-margin, your customers can surely be satisfied of the quality. Peace of mind is the bonus for paying a very reasonable price – not doubt as to paying for a cheap price.

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